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The process begins with Hello!

We want the process to be transparent and smooth so we have mapped out the 'Client Journey' below.

On receipt of your enquiry, we will follow up with a call to understand your aims. 


We will then arrange a free, no obligation meeting to establish the project brief. 


We complete a client questionnaire providing the opportunity to introduce us and to better understanding of your needs and expectations for your new project.


RIBA Work Stage 0

Strategic Definition

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Based on the project brief and your requirements we will provide a fee quotation. 


We believe in providing our clients with information, so the process is clear and transparent. 


The fee quotation provides a summary of the project brief, budget and useful information on the process, potential additional consultants required, CDM and a full fee breakdown. 

Fee Quotation

RIBA Work Stage 1

Preparation & Briefing


On acceptance of the quotation, we can then formalise our agreement with a signed appointment contract.


For small scale projects the RIAS ASP/2018 appointment document is most commonly used. RIAS documents are unbiased and protect both parties by clearly defining the scope of work and services.    


As registered Architects we require a formal appointment contract to be signed prior to starting work.


RIBA Work Stage 1

Preparation & Briefing

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In order to achieve an understanding of your home at present, we need to carry out a measured survey. 


This will enable us to prepare drawings of your home as existing. 


In turn these drawings will be used to inform the design and will form part of the consent submissions. 


RIBA Work Stage 1

Preparation & Briefing


This stage involves creating a high-level design based on the agreed scope of works.


 The design will focus on capturing your brief in terms of an internal spatial arrangement, creating plans and elevations. 


RIBA Work Stage 2

Concept Design

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Once a design is agreed we would then submit applications for Planning Permission to the local authority. 


In our experience planning applications can take up to 10-12 weeks for the council to process. More complex or contentious proposals can take longer. 


An application fee of will be payable direct to the local authority for the Planning Application. 


Please note that we are unfortunately unable to guarantee a positive result from the planning process despite our best endeavours.


RIBA Work Stage 3

Spatial Co-ordination


Should we receive a positive response from the Planning Consent application we will then be able to prepare the drawings for Building Warrant.  


The fees for Building Warrant are calculated from the overall construction cost, which would be reviewed and discussed at this time.

Building Warrant

RIBA Work Stage 4

Technical Design

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When the construction starts on site, we are able to offer you services as Contract Administrator and also to carry out inspections to ensure the work is carried out to a suitable quality and in accordance with the drawings as approved. 


We can also act as a liaison between yourself and the contractor to ensure any changes made on site do not cause unforeseen issues.


RIBA Work Stage 5





Your project is complete and you can now enjoy the benefits!


We can assist with obtaining the Completion Certificate, the final stage in the consent process.


RIBA Work Stage 6 & 7

Handover & Use

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